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5 Songs I Love w/Cheapskate

Following the release of his latest album 'Stumbling' we caught up with UK multi-instrumentalist Cheapskate aka MJ Jackson to find out what goes into his eclectic sound, if you enjoy Cheapskate's picks be sure to check out 'Stumbling' at the end of the article.

Ramsey Lewis Trio performing ‘The In Crowd’

"I must have watched this performance a hundred times. Cleveland Eaton steals the show on the bass, which is saying something when Ramsey Lewis is playing Fender Rhodes perfection. This a band I’d love to play in and has a character that has significantly informed my own musical ambitions."

Surprise Chef performing ‘Money Music’

"Surprise Chef has come out of a vibrant music scene in Melbourne that seems to constantly produce effortlessly cool jazz and jazz-funk bands. Their live performances are something to behold; born from their recording ethics; playing live and direct to tape. Vintage gear, analogue, tape and most importantly great tunes."

The Bees performing ‘Got To Let Go’

"Discovering The Bees over 20 years ago was an epiphany and gave me permission to make the music I wanted to make. This song from their 3rd LP is archetypal Bees, if you can say that for a band that spans so many styles. Great groove, poetic lyrics, beautifully sung and jazz wig-outs. It’s perfection."

Curtis Mayfield performing ‘Freddy’s Dead’

"Curtis could deliver hard-hitting messages through beautiful music and danceable grooves. Every number from this film's soundtrack is a masterpiece and has always served as an inspiration. Lucky Scott on bass really nails the bottom end and lets Curtis weave his magic as the percussion drives everything forward. I was definitely thinking ‘Curtis’ for the guitar on ‘Backburner’ for Stumbling."

Roy Budd performing ‘Get Carter Theme’

"The double bass is the motif you remember from this.. I love the way it holds everything down as Roy goes off on various keys journeys. My favourite part is the Wurlitzer meanderings, I find myself channelling the character of this all the time – Budd demonstrates how simplicity and virtuosity live in harmony to create a timeless classic."

Listen to Cheapstake 'Sumbling'


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