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5 Songs I Love w/ Chloe Amelia

To celebrate the release of her new track 'Ruin Your Life', Chloe Amelia shared her 5 favourite songs with us.

3rd of Jan - Lola Young

I like feel good songs, it's what I listen to 99% of the time. Songs that give you a sense of confidence. This track has exactly that; attitude, a beautiful progression and soulful vocals from Lola. The type of tune I put on in the morning get myself up and feeling good.

Voodoo - Shay Lia

I love love love this song. One of those tracks I'll never get tired of. Shay's vocals are so smooth and the bass gives me the biggest dopamine hit.

Keep on - Kehlani

Massive fan of Kehlani, she's definitely one of my top favourite current artists but nothing beats her older music. You're probably noticing a theme by now, I love a good bass line. Aside from the vocals that's one of the main features of this track. Its sexy, relatable and Kehlanis raspy vocals are perfect for this whole vibe.

Figures - Jessie Reyez

This is the only sad song on this list because I don't often listen to them, but this one is an exception. Its a breakup song, but it's the most realistic one I've found so far personally. It's raw emotional pain in a song. The lyrics are powerful, but she's playing into them with her vocals. You can hear the story in her singing and that's what I admire about this song.

Where did I go - Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith. This was the first song I ever heard from her and it's still my favourite. The lyrics are beautiful. Interesting piano progressions and vocal melodies, not your average 4 chord progression, yet she still made it so catchy. Very talented artist and a beautiful song.

And make sure to check out Chloe's track!


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