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5 Songs I Love w/ Chris Hart

Updated: May 18, 2023

Singer/songwriter Chris Hart has returned with his latest offering, "Run," an upbeat and inspirational track aimed to empower listeners as they take on their dreams. We sat down with him to discuss his favorite tracks, and how they have inspired his releases!

  1. Teachers - Young the Giant

"I’m a huge fan of this band and it started with this album. I love how driving the production on this song is. It just makes me want to get out and move. There’s so much intensity in Sameer’s vocal performance and I love the way the synths and the guitars play around each other. Simply put, this song absolutely rocks."

2. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

"Thematically my song 'RUN' is closest to this. It’s about striking out on your own and chasing after what you want. Tale as old as time, but Bruce makes you feel it. The first time I really got this song was when I was listening to it while stuck in traffic on the way to a job that I hated and it totally clicked for me. The whole Born to Run album is something you need to listen to as a young, unsatisfied adult to really connect with. And the outro with the saxophone is magic."

3. Atlas - COIN

"The first song off this band’s debut album and what a way to start it off! It’s about the end of the world and feeling helpless, which I think everyone has felt at some point or another. Besides the themes, the production really gets me here. I love the fast guitar strumming and the main synth line that makes the post-chorus melody. I also really like how the bass guitar moves around in the background. I try to put as much movement in the bass lines of my songs as possible, it’s a really subtle way to make the track more interesting."

4. Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

"It’s all in the harmonies for me here. Especially when the background vocals are doing a counter-melody to the lead. I absolutely love that. I try to put as much of that kind of thing into my music as possible. I’m always looking for good harmonies!"

5. That's Where You're Wrong - Arctic Monkeys

"This song has a great back and forth between the bass and drums that really makes the song move. And when the guitar comes in with the lead line it plays perfectly off the bass guitar. I always hold on to the line 'You’re not the only one that time has got it in for, honey.' This song is about love, but that line is very relatable to everyone in the world. We’ve all got a limited time here and we all lose that battle against it eventually, so 'don’t take it so personally and just keep moving.'"

"RUN" is available across streaming platforms.

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