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5 Songs I Love w/ DK Verano

Following the release of his buzzing genre-bending track 'ZOMBIE', we wanted to find out more about the music that inspires DK Verano's unique sound. He's hand picked some of his favourites below, so check them out and give 'ZOMBIE' a listen! 1. Blood Orange - “Best to You”

On a whim had the chance to catch Blood Orange play in Brooklyn a few nights ago and was blown away by their performance. Have always listened here and there but now have been on a huge kick and this song being one that’s been stuck in my head since the show. 2. Toro Y Moi - “Say That”

For the past decade Toro has been a huge influence as a creative on all platforms. He is a prime example of not having to stick to one sound and be put in a box. Something I thrive to continue doing myself as I dive deeper into my newer material. Never settle and stay doing what your heart tells you to.

3. Koyo - “Ten Digits Away”

Had to make some room on this to show love to the people from my home front. Koyo are friends of mine on the rise to be the next big thing in the Emo/Rock sphere. With catchy tunes and melodies I’m sure after a listen to this track will be stuck in your head!

4. Unkle Frank - “Black Heart”

Another good friend and Long Island artist is my man Unkle Frank. Watching him in the booth is insane motivation to grind out on music. It has been pushing me to do more on the spot from the heart as opposed to writing beforehand. The man is spitting some real stuff if you take a listen! 5. Sassy 009 - “Blue Racecar”

Honestly do not know much about them but this project I came across recently and have had in my rotation since! Ended up at a rave in a park going to ride my bike over the summer which has really drew me into more DNB / Experimental / Dance music.

Listen to 'ZOMBIE':

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