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5 Songs I Love w/ Frankie Furm & Griffin Stone

Having recently released the flawless new EP 'PATCHES', producer Frankie Furm and vocalist Griffin Stone have demonstrated a really strong musical identity and an uncanny musical compatibility. From the boppy single 'BABY BLUE' to the thoughtful, delicate Gasoline, the pair showcase a rich and varied musical pallet, we had to know more... So we asked Frankie and Griffin to give us 5 tunes that they love:

Coral Castle - Enemies

Enemies is easily one of my most influential bands, and their project Embark, Embrace has been my summer album since I was 16 years old. The whole album is a masterpiece, but this track in particular sums up quite nicely what this band is about. The rhythms are groovy and interesting without being overly complicated, the dueling guitars (and dueling drums at the end) wind in and around each other so beautifully, and the song in general just has this unbelievable warmth - but with a sense of longing and nostalgia that reminds me of the summer ending.

Inside the Deku Tree - Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall’s Music for the Uninvited is a house masterclass (in my opinion). Again, it was difficult to pick a single track off the album, but I chose Inside the Deku Tree because, as a dancer, I think what Vynehall does with this track is exceptional. The instrumentation and chord progression are gorgeous, for sure, but percussion-wise, all he gives you is this hi-hat/shaker loop - and yet its more than enough for you to intuitively feel that 4 on the floor. When I think of house music, Leon Vynehall is one of my idols; I hope to make music as thoughtful (and danceable) as him in the future.

Na Boca Do Sol- Arthur Verocai

The rhythms and overall feelings of momentum are incredible. The arrangement is simple, but perfect. Arthur Verocai is an unbelievable composer and everyone should listen to his self-titled album

Free the Frail- JPEGMAFIA

JPEG’s sound is unlike anyone’s in music and this song is one of his best. He knows how to make complex ideas palatable without sacrificing any weirdness. The hook is one of my all time favorites and the outro is gorgeous.

Talk Down- Dijon

The breakneck drum sample and haunting synths coupled with Dijon’s expressive vocals and effortless flow makes for a one of a kind track.

Listen to Frankie Furm & Griffin Stone's new EP 'PATCHES' below:

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