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5 Songs I Love W/ Georgie Moon

Brighton singer-songwriter Georgie Moon has recently released the radiant, relaxed and emotive new single '2017'. A beautiful effort bringing together delicate acoustics guitar, jazzy chord progressions and gradually building layers of drums, bass, strings and even harp, the track is a fine example of Georgie's ability to craft intricate yet spacious musicailty under her silky lead vocals.

As a new artist to us at Flex, we immediately wanted to learn more about what music inspires Georgie. What are the tracks which have shaped her taste? Over to Georgie!

Omar Apollo - u got me 

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still listening to this song when I'm 80. I love it so much. I got to see Omar at a tiny venue in Brighton and then play the same venue myself a couple years later which was a big full circle moment for me. This tune never gets old for me.

Steve Lacy - Playground 

This is probably one of my favourite music videos of all time,  I used to watch this on repeat in lockdown in 2020. I remember downloading garage band because Steve lacy said that's how he writes songs ,turns out i'm rubbish at using garage band. I think I loved the video and the song so much because it has that prince, mj, motown feel to it. 

Cleo Sol - 23 

This is my calm song - it's literally good for any time of day. I used 23 as the reference track for my harpist on my latest single '2017'! and Cleo Sol is just one of my all time faves as well so it was only right. 

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

This song reminds me of falling in love. I make monthly playlists (like many other people I'm sure) and my favourite thing is listening back to them a year or 2 later and remembering how I felt when those were my favorite songs or when I just found them. That kind of nostalgia is a lot of the time what leads to song ideas for me. 

The Kooks - Jackie Big Tits 

This song feels like my teenhood in a nutshell, I distinctly remember listening to this out of my half broken apple headphones walking out of school with my gcse art folder haha. I thought I was SO cool. I also definitely got into the kooks because my sister did and I used to copy everything she listened to ;)

Georgie Moon's new single '2017 is out now, listen and watch below!


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