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5 Songs I Love w/ James Keegan

We sat down with James Keegan after the release of his stellar new tune 'Love Grows Easy', to discuss what influences shaped his unique sound. Be sure to check out the single at the bottom and follow him on his socials!

Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova

Growing up playing music in school over the years we had touched on various cool

songs/albums in our practical classes such as Sergeant Peppers by The Beatles, The Chain

by Fleetwood Mac and even brushed on some blues and played songs by Stevie Ray

Vaughan. But, the one song that stood out to me was Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard. We

had to learn it for an award show the school was hosting which had a full band and dancers,

it was class in all fairness. I remember having to learn the guitar parts to it at home and just

playing it over and over again. It’s such a beautiful song, from the harmonies to just great

songwriting, whenever it comes on it never fails to still amaze me. That song also led to me

having a deep dive into Glen's catalogue, which has also been ever so influential.

Jeremy - Pearl J

My first exposure to any kind of music around my house was hearing Pearl Jam on repeat

from both my Mam and my Dad. A song that always stood out to me was Jeremy, simply

because of the intro. I remember one of the first times I heard it was in my dads car, driving

home on a Saturday morning from just being out and about. I was raised on Pearl Jam

songs and they are my favourite band of all time. They gave me my love for indie music, and

more importantly the Seattle Grunge scene, which you won't hear much influence in my

music, but it has definitely influenced me to play music and pick up the guitar. Eddie

Vedder is the man!

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - David Gray (Cover)

I played at my Dads 40th birthday party, which was my first ever gig. I went up to play four

songs, to which included Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. I never heard of the song but I knew

well who David Gray was, as my Nana loved him. My dad wanted me to play it cause it was

one of his favourite songs. I played it and just about got through it. A few weeks later, I went

to see him in the Marquee in Cork, Ireland. This was the first proper gig I was at. I was with

my parents, uncle and their friends. For the whole night, I was with one of their friends, and

he was just explaining how the gig works and what certain songs were about. I was

delighted cause I was left have a few pints, even though I was nowhere near legal enough! I

was a few pints deep anyway and enjoying the gig, we kept edging closer and closer to the

stage and got close enough for me to be satisfied that I could see what’s going on. The gig

finished with Say Hello, Wave Goodbye and just hearing the noise around the Marquee that

night full of people singing, it blew me away. That song made me realise what live gigs were

about, having a great time, singing your heart out with your friends and family.

Guiding Light - Foy Vance ft. Ed Sheeran

I went to see Foy with my uncle last year, and it was the best gig I’ve ever been to. I didn’t

know who Foy was to be honest, I knew a few songs here and there but I’ll never forget

Guiding Light at the end of the gig. He just sent the gig home and had the song go on for at

least 10 minutes. It’s such a beautiful song and to me it’s a good example of great

songwriting while keeping things simple. It’s memorable, the lyrics are great and the melody

with Foys voice sounds outstanding. Ed Sheeran actually features on the track and has a

beautiful second verse, it really suits the song.

Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen

I first heard the song on Christmas day when my uncle put it on when we just finished our

dinner. We were passing around the phone connected to the Bluetooth speaker and we

were all keeping it tame enough, until it got to my uncle and he put on Atlantic City. A track

full of emotion, raw songwriting and expression. I remember asking him who it was and he

said it’s Bruce Springsteen. Very drunk, I went home and listened

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