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  • Wes Duncan

5 Songs I Love w/ Joshua Thew

London-born/Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Joshua Thew recently shared his latest single, ‘Where Do Feelings Go,’ accompanied by a beautifully choreographed music video directed by Sean Suozzi. The meloncholic track reflects on the cognitive dissonance that sets in after a relationship ends. We wanted to learn more about his influences, so we caught up with Joshua Thew to discover his five all-time favourite songs.

Donny Hathaway - A Song For You

This song will always hold a special place. It was the first time I heard a male singer that possessed the sensitivity and tenderness I’d often attributed to loved female vocalists. The timing of the piano feels so personal and improvised and leaves you on the edge and totally in a trance. It evokes that time when songwriters really wore their hearts on their sleeves and lamented about a devotional type of love at any cost.

Charlotte Day Wilson - Funeral

This is probably my most listened to song to date. Charlotte has this stripped back sadness that gets me every time. Her production always feels so sultry, minimal yet expansive. It’s all about the hook for me on this one; so drawn out and full of bittersweetness. A honey voice and a songwriter with so much integrity.

George Michael - Father Figure

Well, for one, it’s George Michael. This song works in such a balanced way. The production and vocal interpretation all support each other perfectly. Certain synth elements should be absurd and wacky, but somehow they’re not. I love how the percussion and beat create this urgency with the reverb and rhythm. The lyrics are also quite ambiguous in this very intriguing way, not to mention that George’s interpretation feels soo expressive and considered.

Madonna - What It Feels Like for a Girl

This song is strangely something I recently became obsessed with after my boyfriend plugged me into it. The production is pure fire, and everything feels lush and confident. The song and its message are so powerful, and the melody in the hook has that perfect effect where it sounds almost like the way a person would speak the line. It feels like an artist at the peak of their creative power.

Jackson C. Frank - Kimbie

This song is a perfect example of less is more. Just guitar and the most crushing voice. It's amazing how a song can have so much life, nostalgia and feel with barely any elements to it. I love this verse chorus form where you hear the entire melody; reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel. Every time I hear this song I can’t help but feel a warmth.

Don't forget to stream 'Where Do Feelings Go,' out now across platforms!

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