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5 Songs I Love w/ Justin Meyer

Justin Meyer Friends With Fear

Brooklyn-based artist and producer Justin Meyer just dropped his quarter-life crisis anthem, 'Friends With Fear.' The uplifting track was inspired by his experience graduating during the pandemic and features Alden Spence's stunning guitar riffs and Lily Kelso's ethereal harmonies. To dive deeper into his inspiration, we caught up with Justin to learn which songs he loves and why.

1. The Japanese House - Maybe You’re the Reason

This one makes my list of songs I wish I had written. It is so atmospheric, and listening to it makes me feel like I am living in the world of the song. The lyrics are beautifully written and are able to fit very complex ideas into very concise lines. One of my favorites is, “I keep looking for something, even though I know that it’s not there.” The song is about searching for meaning in life, which I think is relatable to many people. I find that this is a great song to listen to on airplanes while looking out at the sprawling fields and mountains beneath you.

2. Lorde - Green Light

This is the lead single off of Lorde’s second album “Melodrama,” which is the album that inspired me to want to produce music. It was produced by Lorde and Jack Antonoff, and you can tell by listening to it how meticulous and intentional the production is. It starts so intimate with just vocals and piano and then builds into a maximalist and explosive chorus. The second verse, a section referred to by Lorde as “the forest,” layers lush vocal harmonies and echoing guitars. This song encapsulates so many different feelings and has always reminded me of spending time in the city at night.

3. Maggie Rogers - Alaska

When Maggie Rogers presented this song to Pharrell Williams during a masterclass at NYU, he said that you could hear Maggie’s life story in the music. This is very true; it starts off with a more minimal, folk-inspired production that alludes to the music she loved during her upbringing. As the song progresses, more pop and dance elements are implemented, reflecting the music she grew to love during her college years. The storytelling presented through this song’s production solidified that I wanted to pursue music production and engineering in college, similarly to how Maggie had.

4. Bleachers - Don't Take The Money

This song was my introduction to Bleachers, an incredible band fronted by Jack Antonoff that I had the pleasure of seeing at Red Rocks in Colorado last summer. It captures so many things that I love: pop, rock, drum machines, and vocal harmonies, to name a few. It was written by Jack and Lorde. Clearly, I love the work that this duo comes up with. Jack’s work has been instrumental in my production and songwriting journey (pun intended), and this song is no exception.

5. Hailey Blais - Coolest F*cking B*tch In Town

I discovered Haley Blais a few years ago and was quickly impressed by her songwriting. This song came out a year ago and is my current favorite of hers. Similar to “Greenlight,” it starts out intimately with just acoustic guitar and Haley’s vocals. Then it continues to build throughout until it finally crescendos during the outro. The production complements Haley’s beautiful vocals so well and also incorporates some really interesting guitar effects. I saw Haley perform this song live last year when she was opening for Peach Pit’s tour. I have no doubt her music will continue to inspire me for years to come.

Don't forget to stream 'Friends With Fear,' and connect with Justin Meyer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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