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5 Songs I Love w/ Linn Willner

Following the release of singer-songwriter Linn Willner's new track 'Morro Bay', we were intrigued to find out more about the Swedish artist and what better insight to the soul then 5 songs you love! If you're a fan of any of the tracks below then make sure to check out Linn's 'Morro Bay' at the end!

1. Nice To Meet Ya - Niall Horan

This song has something special. When I first heard this song I had it on repeat because i liked it so much. It’s catchy and I love the vibe. The piano, the drums and the claps, it all is so perfect. When I listen to this song as I’m walking down the streets I feel like nothing can ruin the day.

2. Brutal - Olivia Rodrigo

Wow, Olivia Rodrigo write amazing songs and this one is my favorite. I can really relate to the lyric, a perfect song to listen to when you and your friends are singing in the car. The song talks about how your teenage years should be your best ones, but in my experience life only gets better with every year the passes after the teenage years.

3. Letters - Lucas & Steve

This is a true summer song, a feel good song. It was my brother who introduced me to this song and I instantly fell in love with it. I love the acoustic guitar and how the song builds up. This song takes me back to the summer, the warmth and the summer flings you had when you were younger.

4. Your Song - Elton John

One of my absolute favorite love songs! Elton John is so talented, I’m in love with the piano in this song and the lyric is so amazing. It’s simple but so beautiful, he is really a genius when it comes to music. This is one of those songs I would like to have playing at my wedding. I think this song describes boundless love and gives a hopeless romantic some hope about true love.

5. Juice - Lizzo

I truly love this song! I mean who doesn’t love Lizzo?? She is incredible and this song just makes me happy, makes me wanna dance and feel good about myself. If I want a confidence boost, this is the song I would listen to. I think Lizzo is such an icon, who aims her music towards building people up and feeling good in their own skin. Those days when you’re feeling down, Lizzo’s music is always there to cheer you up.

Check out 'Morro Bay':

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