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5 Songs I Love w/ Lisa Ramey

Updated: May 25, 2023

Photo credit: Antonio T. Harris

Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey caught the attention of millions following her stint on The US Voice, where she performed on the team of John Legend. Exuding soul-infused fervour in every delivery, superbly countered by her signature rock n’ roll edge that unequivocally captures her roots; the St Louis born, New York-based vocalist has recently returned to the spotlight to take her soulful rock artistry to the next level.

With a growing catalogue of gospel, rock and R&B infused productions, Lisa Ramey’s limitless and creative mentality is reflected in her discography, as she effortlessly floats between genres with unmatched versatility. Blending styles to create her own distinctive sound, her productions are scattered with nods to greats who have gone before her. As she harnesses her unique talent for re-awakening forgotten voices, she showcases her very own refreshed perspective.

Ahead of her highly-anticipated album release and following a string of popular releases, we caught up with Lisa Ramey to discuss his favourite tracks.


Emeli Sandé - Happen

This song has and will always keep the hope burning deep within my soul. After I didn't make a team on The Voice on my first try, I played this song over and over again. I performed this song at one of my weekly gigs in NYC at Club Cumming (Alan Cummings LES bar) and the crowd could feel the angst in my voice. Not easy to quiet a Lower East Side bar at midnight but that night you could hear a pin drop. They were with me on this one. This business constantly pushes us down and makes us feel less than. It takes yourself to keep you going. My next audition I made John Legends team on The Voice. This song keeps me going. Every time I hear it i'll for sure start tearing up.

BØRNS - Holy Ghost

This song always makes me happy. It's a summer favourite for me. I wanna be on a beach or driving a long drive with only me in the car blasting this song. What I love about it is how unpredictable it is. So much is happening production wise and musically in this song. It's inspiring to reach for the stars musically and not let anyone stop you. I didn't know many artists who were writing music like this so for me it came out of nowhere and i fell in love and bought the album.

Tori Kelly - Nobody Love.

Her voice. Her voice is so great she makes me cry when I hear her talent. Musical genius Tori Kelly. HOW oh HOW do you effortlessly hit these notes! She's so much fun to listen to - especially on this song.

Alice Smith - Fool For You

This song makes me feel like the sexiest woman on earth. I LOVE covering and listening to this song. That beat makes everyone lift their arms up and move their hips round. It just feels good. Alice covered this song originally written by Ceelo Green. His version is dope as well but the way Alice slowed it down to that ever steady, ever ready beat took me OUT! Something about a baby-making sexy beat associated with heart wrenching strings and admitting being a fool in love really rocks my world!

Earth, Wind & Fire - Serpentine Fire

This is probably my favourite song in life. This list is especially difficult to write because as I write it I keep remembering other songs I love. It's difficult for me to commit! But this song will always make this list. Everything is playing in this song. So much is happening yet it's all under control. How do you even write this?! It's such a musical journey and party that I always wanna be invited to. Like Chaka Khan's 'Love Has Fallen On Me' - where's the beginning, middle and end? Who cares just keep the party going!


Check out Lisa Ramey's latest release 'By The Shore' below:

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