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5 Songs I Love w/ Lizzie

Following the release of her stunning new track 'Dark Clouds' we caught up with rising star Lizzie to find out more about her favourite tracks! If you love the tracks below be sure to check out 'Dark Clouds', taken from Lizzie's new EP 'Silver Lining'. 

positions by Ariana Grande

Positions is my fav song from Ariana, I love her vocals on this song and I really love to listen to it when I'm tired from working or on car journey. Her vocal runs are absolutely beautiful as well as her harmonies. She’s someone I look up to and this song makes me want to work harder and do better at what I do as an artist.

Easy On Me by Adele

Ok there's nothing to say but she is an absolute God! Her vocals in this song are incredible and the meaning in the song is amazing. I listen to this song usually when things are getting tough in life, to help me get through it. The vibrato and the switch in her vocals make the song so powerful and yet so calm. This song genuinely gives me inspiration and makes me feel calm.

Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez

This song is my top song from Selena, the vocals in the song really show the pain in the words like it was raw pain. When I went through a hard break up, this song really was my shoulder through the pain. The song reminded me to love myself before loving someone else. Selena is such a large role model in my eyes, she's someone I really look up to!

Who's Laughing nNow by Ava Max

I originally heard about Ava Max from her song ‘Sweet but psycho’. Which was an absolute banger, I then ended up stumbling upon ‘Who’s laughing now’ which was incredible and it really makes my day, The vocals in this is beautiful.

Anyone by Demi Lovato

Now do I need to really say anything about this song, this song is full of so much emotions in the vocals and the world. It really helps even when I start struggling with anything, i usually listen to the live version as you can really feel the power in her vocals, she gives 100% and I really wish to do the same like her in my own way.

Check out the music video for 'Dark Clouds':


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