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5 Songs I Love w/ Matt Ó

Following the release of his brilliant new single 'Sonny', Matt Ó (also one half of Irish breakthrough duo Tebi Rex) has once again showcased what a talented performer and songwriter he is. A track which once again displays Matt's chilled R&B tendencies whilst also offering up a more pop oriented side of Matt Ó’s repertoire, 'Sonny' is not only a track full of catchy hooks and warming, lo-fi instrumentation but also Matt’s effortlessly charismatic, silky vocals and flawless flow. The track is brilliant, and left us wondering what music Matt listens to himself, what inspires him to make music. Here's 5 of Matt's faves:

Frank Ocean - Chanel

I can't lie, this whole list could be just Frank songs, he's my biggest inspiration and personal escape - but I'm gonna push for variety.

Chanel is probably my fav track from Frank. The instrumentation, vocal delivery, and theme are just stunning throughout. Dealing with the duality of being bisexual, it's hard for people to understand how that feels; but being the artist that he is, Frank brings you into his world and immerses you completely here. It's an immaculate song, and in my opinion one of the best ever made. Fight me.

Lausse the Cat - Redstripe Rhapsody

I'm sorry but sampling Tyler AND Drake in the same song (Passionfruit & Mr Lonely/911), and making it completely your own? That's pure cinema. The story telling, the instrumental, the laidback delivery? This is UK Rap at its peak. Hands-down my song of the summer every year, any time I step on a skateboard this is the first song I put on. All hail Lausse the Cat, without a release since 2018 - we pray for your return.

Saba feat Mick Jenkins & Xavier Omär - Stay Right here

I don't know what it is about this song, it's one of those tracks that just hits every time I listen to it. One that just makes your body feel good, if that makes sense? It has been one of my most listened to tracks for YEARS. If I was on an island with only one song for company for the rest of my days, I think it would be this. With 2 feature artists on this, everyone does their job perfectly. I find the melody and instruments really moving with the light summery bell sounds to the triumphant trumpets, this song just makes me wanna make better music.

Chance The Rapper - Paranoia

As a white fella from the Irish countryside, it goes without saying that I haven't a clue what growing up in southside Chicago is like, but Chance does a great job of exposing that world to the listener. Some of these lines are really hard hitting, and pretty tough to swallow. Stuff that would rattle someone who's never so much as held a firearm with phrases like "down here it's easier to find a gun than it is to find a parking spot" and in particular, he describes how summer isn't lived and enjoyed in his town; it's survived:

"It just got warm out, this the shit I've been warned 'bout

I hope that it storm in the mornin', I hope that it's pourin' out.

I hate crowded beaches, I hate the sound of fireworks

And I ponder what's worse?

Between knowing it's over and dyin' first

'Cause everybody dies in the summer,

Wanna say your goodbyes, tell them while it's spring"

Kate Nash - Foundations

Queen Kate has taught me a lot about having personality in a track. Her tracks ooze it! She's funny, emotionally baring, dramatic, cheeky, everything I wish to be and more in music. A huge inspiration to me as a solo artist and in my band, Tebi Rex. So I'm gonna take a leaf outta her book and be mad cheeky by including this Foundations Cover we did for RTÉ in 2018.

Massive flex here btw, Kate hit us up about this cover saying she really enjoyed it. Top two moment in my music career and it's not two.

Listen to the brilliant new single from Matt Ó 'Sonny' below:



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