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5 Songs I Love w/ Max Sarre

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We caught up with rising pop star Max Sarre who's just released his brilliant party-pop single 'Precision', and we wanted to find out who inspired him and why! So here are Max's 5 songs that he loves, exclusively for FLEX!

1. Justin Bieber - Deserve You

"Justin is the perfect representation of what it is to be a global male pop star. He gives the world the full package and he’s someone I really look up to when it comes to being a star. I want to be like that! This song is insane, the production is out of this world, the emotion, the vocals, it’s all done so perfectly. I must have streamed this song hundreds and hundreds of times but it inspires me every day to make music that people can really connect with."

2. Charlie Puth - BOY

"Well… this song is just incredible. Charlie’s best? I am always inspired by Charlie because he is incredibly talented. He writes and produces all his stuff and it’s all such good music. I want to be able to do that – at the moment I write everything and do a little bit of production but I want to get to the stage where I can do all the production by myself to a really high quality.

BOY is one of those songs I listen to and I know exactly where I was when I first heard it and what I felt and what it smelt like… in a good way. I was on holiday in the south of France and I was in such a good place. This song inspires me every day to become a better songwriter."

3. Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely

"Again this song is just perfectly produced. This song holds a bittersweet place in me because it was released right at the start of the first COVID lockdown. I always think back to that time and get goosebumps. It was one of the worst periods of my life, that lockdown brought on so many issues for me in terms of anxiety, that I still have to deal with today, but when I look back at the time I kind of almost want to go back and experience this and the other songs I listened to during that time because they inspired me so much.

After all, COVID is the reason I actually wrote my first song, otherwise I probably never would have and I wouldn’t be writing this today! I remember it so well in my head, everything I was doing when I was listening to this song in lockdown."

4. Playboi Carti - Long Time (intro)

"This song also has a really special place for me and one of my best mates. We play this song at every party and we feel on top of the world. No one else knows the words but me and him do and we belt it and life just feels great for those 3 minutes. This song inspires me to try and have a positive outlook on life as much as possible, as Playboi says (not as formally), you might have felt low for a long time but now is the time to really start feeling positive and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my latest single ‘Precision’! Here’s to many more parties belting this track haha."

5. Dua Lipa - Cool

"This song is summer in a song. I listen to this and all I picture is the school summer holidays when I was 16 where I was with my friends constantly, having the best time and experiencing all of life’s hardships for the first time. Now I feel so much more grown up but I’m only 20! I love to listen to this one, close my eyes and reminisce in the memories but in a good way. This song has inspired me greatly to this day.

One of the ways I always like to song write is to create a nostalgic yearning kind of feeling in my songs and this song does exactly that for me so I try to incorporate the same. After all, Cool is from an album called Future Nostalgia. Thank You Dua for writing this incredible song - my friends actually saw you at the Chiltern recently haha. Hit me up so we can collaborate!"


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