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5 Songs I Love w/ mntgmry

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Vibrant duo mntgmry are back with their irresistible new single 'Sink Or Swim'. Returning once again with their signature nu-funk sound, we wanted to hear from the musical pair themselves on what tracks are tantalising their senses! If you're a fan of the tracks below, be sure to listen to mntgmry's new single below.

1. Jill Scott - Golden

Sometimes when I’m making a song I forget that I don’t have to make things complicated in order to make them great. I wonder if during the production of this song, someone questioned the song’s appeal due to its simplicity. I like to imagine Jill Scott pushing back saying, “No. It’s great just as it is. It doesn’t need to do anything fancy to be perfect.” This song is always an inspiration.

2. Benny Sings - Rolled Up ft. Mac Demarco

Another simple but beautiful composition. It’s a good song and that’s all I need.

3. Selfish High Heels - Yung Bae, Macross 82-99, Harrison

A bizarre musical innovation that I absolutely adore. The original sample is of course a really fun but relatively unknown song in a Japanese musical genre known as City Pop, repurposed and sampled in a more contemporary style with heavily sidechained drums that keep the track pumping. It is totally weird, and I love it. Listening to something so original and strange always gives me more confidence, because it reminds to never imitate anything; always be bold.

4. Robyn - Dancing On My Own

A profoundly sad banger that can literally move me to tears. Melody and composition are again simple but effective, likewise with the production. But the emotional content is so universal, and so original, that as soon as I hear the song I can’t help but relate right away. We’ve all experienced this heartbreak, but never felt it quite like this before.

5. Breakbot - Baby I’m Yours ft. Irfane

This song sounds like it was recorded on an iphone in an airplane bathroom, but its groove is undeniable. It also has something almost no modern pop song has–personality. So much music feels like it is produced by a committee, but this song is unmistakably and unapologetically idiosyncratic. I’m getting pretty tired of overproduced hyperpop; it’s nice to remember that flawed music is often just as moving, if not frequently more so.

Check out the video for their new track 'Sink Or Swim'!


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