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5 Songs I Love w/Moxon

Having just released his vibrant new single 'Vinnie's Tune' we caught up with Indie-Rock artist 'Moxon' to find out some of the influences that go into his eclectic sound. If you enjoy any of Moxon's picks below be sure to check out 'Vinnie's Tune' at the end of the article.

1. Carpenters - Close To You

"When I was a baby my Mum used to sing this to me to get me to sleep so it’s a song that reminds me of her, she still sings it to me now and I’m twenty-six. I rarely listen to this song but when I do it really relaxes me, the arrangement is top notch and Karen Anne Carpenter’s voice is in its prime in this track."

2. The Eagles - Take It Easy

"My Mum is one of nine and my Dad is one of four; which makes up a pretty big family. When I was younger me, Mum and Dad would go on holiday with all my other Aunties, Uncles and Cousins. I have great memories of those holidays in Cleethorpes on the caravan site. My Nannan and Grandad on my Dads side moved out there so we’d visit as much as we could during the summer. My Uncle Paul always used to take his acoustic guitar with his chord sheets, and we’d all get together in a tiny caravan and he’d play some songs and we’d all sing along. I can remember seeing how happy it made everyone and I knew I wanted to be able to make everyone that happy with my own music; not long after my dad bought me my first guitar. I remember my Uncle Paul always starting with song when we all got together. Partly because she kept the chord sheet in his folder, but it got the whole family singing. Always makes me smile thinking about it."

3. Oasis - Rock N Roll Star

"At this moment in time I was lost in any guitar led music, especially Oasis. I can remember when I was younger my cousins husband Paul lent me two albums; Defiantly Maybe by Oasis and a Charlatans Best Of album. Paul and my cousin used to look after me a lot when I was younger, I must have been a great kid to look after because they then went on to have two brilliant kids, Archie, and Ruby. I remember first putting the CD on and hearing that opening chord, it blew me away and opened a world for me that I never knew existed. I was converted before the end of the song."

4. Tash Sultana - Jungle

"I’d been in multiple bands throughout my teens, and I ended up going to drama school in London to study at Mountview on the actor musicianship course. After graduating drama school, the pandemic hit and I was on furlough from my hospitality job, I was completely lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. I thought I had to do something creative otherwise I’d go barmy. It was around this time I discovered Tash Sultana and was blown away by her unique sound. I thought I would get a loop pedal and see if I could do it all; I mean my god I had all the time in the world to learn. Slowly I built up my rig and my recording studio and completely taught myself how to record, mix and master my own songs. Before I knew it I was ready to do my first gig as Moxon just as restrictions were lifting. Thanks Tash, you gave me a whole new creative outlet.

Fun fact! Last time Tash Sultana came to play in London I busked outside Hammersmith Apollo where she was playing, and a guy called Matt and his sister Sarah chucked a spare ticket in my guitar case and went to the gig with me. Hands down one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen live. Cheers Matt and Sarah, what a night that was."

5. Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance

"How can the last one not be Arctic Monkeys? They’re not only from my home city but have been a huge influence on me by showing me that lads from Sheffield could go and take over the world, which I too plan on doing. I always come back to them and whenever I’m down in London and I think about home I always stick them on. But this song reminds me of growing up in and around Sheffield and Barnsley. Lyrically it paints such a vivid picture for me and I’ve had countless experiences which correlate with every line in the song. I’ve seen AM live a couple of times with my best mates and they have to be the soundtrack of my life so far. I could have picked a whole albums worth of their songs but I’ll leave you with this one, the last song on their first album."

Watch Moxon 'Vinnie's Tune'

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