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5 Songs I Love w/ Noah Solt

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Noah Solt has made his solo debut an impactful one with the track, "Spheres." This shimmering, comforting single derives inspiration from the ocean as Solt has sailed tens of thousands of miles. His lyrics read as true poetry, a true testament to his versatility as an artist. Not only is his release dynamic in terms of sound (recorded and produced in iconic Muscle Shoals by Starita), it explores his roots as a singer/songwriter. Lines like, “Wash, don’t fight the fear, I’ve been washed across the silent space around through my years,” whisk the listener away.

We sat down with Solt for some sources of his inspiration, apart from the waves!


1. Gone to Fortingall/ Wired to the Moon - Jerry Douglas & Michael McGoldric

"Just a good ol’ sailing tune. Can’t go wrong with a transatlantic inspired folk jam."

2. Desert Island Disk - Radiohead

"This track lands deep without ever touching the ground."

3. 29 #Strafford APTS - Bon Iver

"One of my biggest milestones as a writer is to sit down and transcribe others’ lyrics by hand. I write the words based on listening only and never let my pen fully rest. I find myself sitting into the flow of the music. It really is quite a joyful experience."

4. Night Stories by Samite

"I believe this is my most listened to song… #1."

5. Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones

"I dance to this track with shoes on, and occasionally…without shoes."

"Spheres" is available across streaming platforms.

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