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5 Songs I Love w/ Pamela Sue Mann

Singer, songwriter and all round quirky creative, Pamela Sue Mann absolutely shines on her new single 'Pink Flamingos'. Full of joy, innovative ideas, funky instrumentation and a great sense of fun, the track is not only a total blast but also showcases Mann's impeccable talents as a writer and a performer. The track left us wondering what inspires Pamela's music - what does she listen to? Here are 5 of Pamela's faves... well 6 actually!

Arlo Parks - Hope

"Her voice is pure sweet velvet. The production on this song is earnest and sexy, with a chilled out commitment to the great and groovy vibe.

The lyrics are conversationally and storytelling genius, and her poetry is profoundly simple and visually evocative. Thé chorus is the very definition of an Ear Worm. The message - you’re not Alone.

Arlo Parks IS the voice of a generation (I also love how the song slows down with the final guitar line which to me sings thé You Are Not Alone -one final solitary time)"

Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars

"The most fabulous glamorous hedonistic folk symphonic cum New Orleans funeral brass band swanky fiesta ever recorded (except for perhaps The Gay Messiah). Rufus and his sister Martha in true Wainwright fashion.

Make the chorus an irresistible anthem of letting go and letting your love out to your beloved, Writ Large. Where is my rainbow Boah??"

James Blake - Retrograde

"James Blake is the Jean Cocteau of dark minimal gospel electronica.

Rétrograde is perfection.

His voice summons the feminine within the masculine and is heartbreakingly searchingly honest. He is perhaps England’s finest current male singer.

This song has profoundly inspired and informed my production aesthetic.

Rétrograde is a unique piece of art

albeit with a memorable chorus.

Thé fat atonal analogue sounds create the perfect juxtaposition to his angel vocals. Uber fangirl!"

Big Red Machine - Reese

"Hypnotic and contemplative with a beautifully repetitive piano and groove further enhanced by the breathy gorgeous saxophone playing of Colin Stetson.

This song reminds me of a time before I heard the song.

There is a magical connection Justin Vernon sonically makes to the reminiscent bittersweet of recalling past love with a wiser and yet not removed heart. "

The Muppets - Mahna Mana

"What can I say? This song changed my life.

It is probably the reason I became a songwriter and attended a jazz music college.

Mahna Mana embodies the perfection of a perfectly perfect pop song without getting bogged down in the details. I love the reckless abandon of the lead vocal. *Snappy beat*"

Bonus track

Deep cut:

Talk Talk - I Believe In You

"Super sexy groove!

Hypnotic bass line. The otherworldly angelic ascending choirboy-esque vocal line in the latter part of the song which proves a successful visit to the heavens, courtesy of hard-won experience.

I think of this beautiful song as a contemplative surrender to the divine which contains all realms. Listen with headphones please.

I Believe In You IS transcendent!"

Watch the video for Pamela Sue Mann's excellent new single 'Pink Flamingos' below:

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