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5 Songs I Love w/ Regulus Red

Italian-Welsh singer Regulus Red has recently released his latest electro-pop single, "Some Gravity". Putting his own unique stance on modern pop music, "Some Gravity" is filled with vibrant retro-synths and powerful vocals from Red. Reflecting on his own experiences in love, sonically, "Some Gravity" is heavily inspired by Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 'Drive' as it defies all genre boundaries.

We caught up with Regulus Red earlier this week to discuss his all time 5 favourite songs...

Heavy Metal Lover - Lady Gaga

This track is pure, raw Gaga. The lyrics and the bass line and the hook are all divine pop, with a hard-core sexy flavour to it. I've listened and danced to this track probably more than a 1.000 times in my life. And it never ever tires me!

The Louvre - Lorde

This is my favourite song by Lorde (along with Ribs). The way she speaks about her relationship in this track is very evocative, it's what I call utter poetry. Down the back, but who cares? Still the Louvre means so so much, I'm not gonna dive into it now. Also the instrumental ending always manages to take me onto a pirate ship, where adventure and wide horizons await for me.

Lionheart - Demi Lovato

This song is very important to me, it brings me to a place of fighting back the traumas in life but with a lot of tears in my eyes. The way Demi moved me in this album, it's priceless!

True Blood - Justin Timberlake

Justin is an amazing artist. I picked this song because it resonates with my debut EP's energy: fiery, dark and sexy. The guitar riff when he calls it for us, it's one of my favourite things ever done in pop music.

What's your Pleasure - Jessie Ware

This track represents sex and self-love, to their highest peak. This is what Jessie Ware has done with her lead track, I mean the melody here and the way she delivers her lyrics, it ought to turn everyone horny for life!

You can check out Regulus Red's new single "Some Gravity" below:

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