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5 Songs I Love w/ SeanJ

Last week, South African pop artist SeanJ released his latest single, "Brave." The equal parts Inspirational and catchy track is featured on RADA's "Unearthed Volume 3," promoting a message of resilience and hope. As a rising star, SeanJ's vocals are stunning and poignant, similar to those of John Legend and John Mayer.

We sat down with SeanJ to discuss his biggest inspirations, and the tracks that shaped him.

  1. "Courage" - Celine Dion

"I consider myself the biggest Celine Dion fan—her vocal prowess and emotional approach to each song are things I have always admired. I particularly love her ballads, and this one is very special to me. 'Courage' is about the choices we face when going through difficult times. It is okay not to be okay and to feel what you need to feel. But will you have the courage to pick up the pieces and try again, or will you stay suffering in the dark? This song has been a constant reminder for me to keep going despite the many challenges that may come my way."

2. "You’re the Voice" - John Farnham

"I have always been drawn to music that has anthem-like qualities, featuring big vocals and large orchestration. I view this song as an anthem for change and a call for us to take action and be the change we want to see in the world. As creatives, I believe that we should use our craft as a voice for the people to address what is wrong in this world. By sitting back and not saying anything, that makes us part of the problem."

3. "Happy" - Pharrell Williams

"I have been a fan of Pharrell Willams since his days as lead vocalist for N.E.R.D., and seeing him perform live in South Africa in 2015 was a dream come true. “Happy” from Despicable Me 2, is my go-to song when I need a pick-me-up. The cheerful beat, handclaps and lighthearted feel always get me on my feet. We don’t always have to take life so seriously - stop overthinking, be in the moment, and dance like everybody’s watching."

4. "How Deep is Your Love" - PJ Morton feat. Yebba

"How do you take a good song and make it even better? Ask PJ Morton. It doesn’t get any better than this—two of my favourite artists on one track. Ever since I discovered both PJ Morton and Yebba, I have always admired their artistry and how effortlessly they perform each song. The R&B/Soul approach to this Bee Gees classic is both refreshing and modern yet nostalgic."

5. "Lose Control" - Teddy Swims

"I came late to the party when it comes to Teddy Swims. I remember listening to this track on repeat when I heard it for the first time. The raw emotion in his voice combined with the Motown/R&B feel took me to a place of self-reflection. Anyone who has ever truly been lovesick will understand that feeling. The sincerity with which Teddy performs the song is something that cannot be faked."

"Brave" is available across streaming platforms.



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