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5 Songs I Love w/ Siki Daha

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Siki Daha, an indie artist based in Australia, released his single "LCS" last month. He criticizes and also reflects upon the toxicity that can come with social media, and the identities that we become stuck in virtually, throughout the track. With a rich background in the music industry, Daha also works as a philanthropist, having founded the music school Music Roof and non-profit I BELIEVE in ME to amplify the voices of young, BIPOC artists, specifically young women. His upcoming album MEN follows his experiences as a queer, brown, South Asian artist.

We sat down with Daha to discuss his favorite tracks, and how they have influenced his own projects!

1. "No Ordinary Love" - Sade

"This track and the whole Love Deluxe album has been my bible for creating music, the video is classic and the song itself is heaveeeen!"

2. "Rock The Boat" -Aaliyah

"It's R&B, but chill with sexy and beautiful vocals."

3. "I wanna love you but I don't" - Ben Platt

"His vocal delivery and emotion in this song is something else."

4. "La Reina" - Christina Aguilera

"It's got an awesome Latin folk sound, but with her vocals it takes it to another level."

5. "When You Were Mine" - Joy Crookes

"Love the horns, the Amy Winehouse sound, and production."

Bonus Track

6. "Wrong Impression" Natalie Imbruglia

"It gives me nostalgic vibes, always smile every time I hear it."

Stream "LCS" across all platforms.

Follow Siki Daha: Instagram |Spotify | YouTube

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