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  • Kenny Sandberg

5 Songs I Love w/ Soft Velvet Lounge

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Following the release of Soft Velvet Lounge's new single Bloo, we caught up with the band to gain some insight into the influences that make up this dreampop sound. If you like their choices, be sure to check out their new album - Life Of The Party.

1. Prince & the Revolution - Take Me With U

I probably shouldn't have been listening to this album as a kid, but it's been my favorite since before I could remember. Now that I think about it, this song probably influenced the theme for 'Feels Like Home' and a lot of other songs instrumentally on 'Life of the Party'. I love the push/pull dynamic of the male and female vocal. I love how the intro toms sort of get interrupted by this premature tambourine and then it pretty much never lets off the gas for the rest of the song. A small detail that makes a big difference I think. What really makes the song is the acoustic and string motifs that kind of hype up the vocal. Such a great song.

2. Blouse - Into Black

All the instruments compliment each other in a way that makes it catchy even on its first listen. Nothing too flashy. Just good melodies and rhythms working together seamlessly. Very dreamy. Very earwormy. It really checks all the boxes for me.

3. OYAMA - Lung Breathers

The bass guitar in this song isn't afraid to speak up and I love that. The song itself is a slow climb that is SO worth the journey. Ebbing and flowing until the final build up releases. It's like the warmth you get from jumping into a swimming pool you'd gotten out of.

4. Kelela - Rewind

That bass had me hooked from the start. I listened to an episode of Song Exploder where Kelela talks about the process behind this track and it's pretty inspiring. I always loved this song but I hadn't realized how much had gone into making it what it is. It's super crafted.

5. Snakadaktal - Hung On Tight

This is a song I avoid listening to unless I'm ready to feel that specific brand of nostalgia music can give you. Like you feel sad when you listen to it, but happy to hear it. It came out during a time when I had felt trapped by my situation and it really spoke to me lyrically back then. It'll always be a special song to me because of that. Also, the drum groove is absolute bonkers. So fun to play.



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