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5 Songs I Love w/ Sun Child

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Jacksonville, FL-based indie folk group Sun Child has released their track "Ghost," a melancholic take on the different kinds of grief we experience. A simple piano melody helps paint an eerie, yet ethereal sound as vocalist Brooke Garwood explores all of the questions that surround loss. The listener melts away into the atmospheric nature of the sound, with "dreamy" sonics.

“The bridge provides a change in pace of the song and is kind of a point in the song that is disorienting - going along with that feeling associated with grief,” Garwood has shared.

We sat down with Garwood to discuss some of her favorite tracks, and how they have impacted her recent work!

1."Keep the Rain" - Searows

"This song has been a favorite of mine for a few months now. I love the songwriting and how vulnerable it is. Searows - and this song in particular - has inspired a lot of inner reflection for me. Searows speaks the truth and it hits hard."

2. "High" - Slow Pulp

"I love this song so much because its such a short and fun song. At the beginning, it starts out very mellow with beautiful vocals and then it goes hard in an almost disorienting way - which perhaps mirrors the meaning of being too high. I love her vocals and how light they are with the constrast of the harsh guitar tones and drums. My band covers this song a lot."

3. "." - Girl in red

"This song just makes me want to dance but at the same time has helped me get through a breakup. I don't feel as alone when listening to this song and the lyrics. It has inspired my recent songwriting. "

4. "Bathroom Light" - Mt. Joy

"Everything about this song I love. The fingerpicking, the lyrics, the vulnerability. It's a chill song that is also very inspiring."

5. "Wonderfully Bizzare" - Bendigo Fletcher 

"I first heard this song at a friend's house on the couch watching music videos. I was in awe at the piano and vocals. The lyrics convey finding love in the unpredictable and unconventional and I appreciate the perspective this song brings to the world."

"Ghost" is available across streaming platforms.


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