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5 Songs I Love w/ Sun Deep

We caught up with geophysicist turned producer Sun Deep following the release of his new EP, Sifnos. Released under Outpost 31 Studios, the five-track EP was inspired by Sun Deep's visit to the Greek island, Sifnos, which sparked his decision to pursue music full-time. Sifnos blends modern production with traditional Indian instrumentals and features the introspective focus track, 'Mind Games'. We wanted to know what five songs most inspire and connect with Sun Deep.

1. Amit Trivedi - Pardesi (from Dev D)

It should come as no surprise that I love Indian music. I was born in India in the 90s, and I have fond memories of a lot of awesome Indian movie soundtracks. Dev D soundtrack was created by the incredibly brilliant Amit Trivedi. It is always hard to pick one song from the album when the whole album is masterful, but if I had to pick one, it would be the song 'Pardesi'. With the swooping synths, sitar riff, 808 style drums, DJ style adlibs, and classical Indian singing by Tochi Raina, this song is a complete package of creativity and brilliance. Production-wise, this mesmerized me as a listener. I hadn’t started making music when this song came out but I feel like a lot of Amit Trivedi is within me when I am making music. If I can channel ¼ of the creativity he has, I would be a satisfied artist.

2. Lucky Ali - Tanhaai Mein Basi

There are few songs that you discover later in life even though they were released when you were younger. And even fewer songs take a special place in your heart the first time you listen to them. “Tanhaai Mein Basi’ is one such song by the brilliant Lucky Ali. That name is well known to all Indian kids who were born in the 90s and beyond. Lucky Ali was on the top of his game in the 90s and 2000s. He is someone who was ahead of his time in his musical talents. This song has a quintessential 2000’s vibe. This song is what is the true definition of “timeless” is. This could have been released in any decade, and it would have fit there. The song opens with a mesmerizing flute on top of the guitar and punchy drums. It hooks you into its melancholic feel right away and it goes into outer space with its scale once Lucky Ali starts singing. This is a song I discovered just a few months ago, even though it was released in 2004, and it has climbed on top of my all-time favorite songs. You cannot miss this one.

3. Deca - Clay Pigeons

Deca is an artist I was introduced to by a good friend of mine. At first listen, I was mesmerized by his sample usage and beat making skills. Slowly, his lyricism grew on me. He has a way of interweaving beautiful imagery with spirituality. 'Clay Pigeons', from the album Snakes and Birds, is one of my favorite songs from him. As an artist, I am always in deep thoughts about spirituality vs. technology, the purpose of life, meaning of existence, and other philosophical ideas. Deca captures all those ideas so brilliantly in this song. This particular line speaks to me on various levels of my existence “Find your lane, find the book of life, sign your name

Lose your way, hit creative brick walls, times have changed”. Deca is the best to ever do it in conscious hip hop.

4. .3 - Porcupine Tree

Prog rock/metal has been a huge part of my life. Porcupine Tree is one of those bands that you either listen to religiously or you have never heard of them. They remind me of a new age Pink Floyd. However, you can’t compare two incredible bands as they both are unique in their own way but you can always hear the influences of artists on each other. '.3' is a song that is mostly instrumental with a small chorus section before it crescendos into something galactic in scale. The song is melancholic, dark, gritty, beautiful, cosmic, and haunting. That is the essence of PT; they make melancholic music for the soul.

5. Prabh Deep - Safar

Now we come back to Indian music and an artist who has been the biggest influence on me as an artist and rapper. You will hear a lot of the influence of Prabh Deep on my music. He has been an artist that I creatively look up to. With his Flying Lotus-esque production and unflinching lyricism, he makes every song his own. I can always tell a Prabh Deep song when I hear one. “Safar” is a song about finding oneself in a new light. It is about experiencing things for the first time in a new way. It is about not knowing everything but being content with the fact that there is so much to learn. It is about being vulnerable and open to all experiences. It is about taking control of yourself, both physically and mentally. It is about the human experience and the flaws within it. It is about everything and nothing at all. It is pure perfection. It doesn’t even matter if you don't understand what he is saying; the music will make you feel something. That is the brilliance of Prabh Deep.

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