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5 Songs I Love w/ TERRENCE615

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

TERRENCE615's new EP 'Air, Angels, & Afterthoughts' has just dropped, the heavenly 7-track offering shows us what TERRENCE615 is all about; euphoric soundscapes and flawless flows. Following the release of the EP, we caught up with TERRENCE615 to find out more about the music that inspires this one of a kind musician.

1. Harry Hudson - Let Me

This song is somehow sad and happy at the same time. The production automatically makes me want to drive down the coast and blast this with the windows down. I can feel the depth in the lyrics doing something deep in my soul which is something I always look for. Harry Hudson also wrote this album after being diagnosed with cancer. To be able to still write music like this while going through something like that is truly inspiring.

2. Brevin Kim - somebody, some body

When this plays I just sit back and wonder what life is all about. The distorted synth 808s unlock a darker part of me and that’s something I like to indulge in and explore. I love the contrast of the verbed out vocals over the production. Contrast is a big part of what I look for in my musical taste. Not only is the music left fielded, but Brevin Kim produces and mixes everything in house. It’s that type of sound that’s unique and natural in its own way.

3. Luke Wild - Drop Me Off In The Sky

First of all, Luke is a friend of mine and I love him as a person. I appreciate him as a talented musician that expresses in a genuine way. This song is another escape for me. I listened to it on repeat when I was going through my last break-up. The angsty lyrics intertwined with the optimistic airy production gives you some sense that everything will be ok. “I lost track of the time” is exactly what I feel like when playing this song. If you’re not familiar, get familiar.

4. Kito, Empress Of - Wild Girl (Official Video)

Honestly, this song sounds like the girl I want to fall in love with if that makes sense. It’s such a freeing expressive song. The synths carry you along a path of freedom and wanderlust. Lyrically the song is extremely honest and makes it easy to let down your ego. It kinda brings you down to earth while lifting you up at the same time. I’m a sucker for love songs and this one is far from average. Overall this makes me want to travel with the girl of my dreams, lol.

5. Isaia Huron - Self!

The dialogue in this track is something I can relate to heavily. The 808s sound just like a heartbeat which gives me a feeling that something is building up inside the whole time. I can literally feel the passion inside myself and I don’t even know where the passion is being directed. I just know I feel a LOT of it when this song is playing. It’s another song that’s perfect for a road trip by yourself or with someone you love. What I think all these songs have in common is that you can genuinely FEEL the emotions of the artists. That’s what I value the most because that’s where I start my route in my musical process.

Make sure to check out TERRENCE615's brand new EP ' Air, Angels, & Afterthoughts':

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