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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/Viruette

Following the release of their latest sophomore single 'Call Me Annabel' we caught up with Indie-Rock outfit Viruette to find out more about their favourite tracks and the artist that inspires them the most. Be sure to check out Viruette's hand-picked tracks below along with their latest single 'Call Me Annabel'.

1. Jerry Paper – Ginger & Ruth

"Hugely influential band on our sound – it’s all totally excellent, the woozy, modulated guitars, the jazz chords, the dialogue-laden lyrics, the vibrant melody, the cynicism. Chef’s kiss."

2. Coldplay – Violet Hill

"This was a really underappreciated (and for them, heavy) Coldplay song, the lead single from Viva La Vida, and the march-like plod of the rhythm in the verses was a direct inspiration on the way the bassline in Call Me Annabel was composed. "

3. Pinegrove – Moment

"Our Drummer Andrew was really influenced by the drum-work in this song, particularly the off-beat use of the toms in the verses to create rhythmic movement."

4. Big Thief – Paul

"A beautiful and tender song, which describes the minutiae of two romantically involved people going for a drive, interspersed with reflections on the deeper nature of their dynamic. Call Me Annabel is much more cynical but are structured in a similar way; description>reflection."

5. Pixies – Velouria

"A wonderful entry in the proud lineage of ‘songs where a woman’s name is repeatedly yelled over the chorus, which we tried our hand at with Call Me Annabel."

Listen to Viruette 'Call Me Annabel '


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