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5 Songs I Love w/ Ziyaad Luceō

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Last month, Ziyaad Luceō released his EP, "Our Time Together." The Canadian R&B singer/songwriter has made a name for himself with his smooth, radio-ready beats and honest lyrics. With three tracks, he delves into various themes of love, similar to the work of Joji, with vocals that would remind any listener of The Weeknd or Frank Ocean. Lead track "If I Tell You Something" has infectious 808s and synths, produced by Hussain Ali.

We sat down with Ziyaad Luceō to discuss his most notable influences!

1) "LIMBO" - keshi

"I was introduced to keshi's music through the sampling wormhole on YouTube. His acoustic works have been used by many lo-fi producers across the web. 'LIMBO' was a song that from the first listen I was captivated and hooked. I started to listen to some covers by other vocalists and it's clear that this song is super high-quality."

2) "Too Cool to Die" - Post Malone

"When I listen to music, I understand that there isn't a "perfect" song subjectively and objectively. But, this song is pretty damn close! From Austin's performance to the rhythmic instrumental (which has some hints of Christmas vibes [2:58-3:18]), it is obvious that everyone involved in the creation of this song was on a different level. Easy 10/10 in my books."

3) "No Goodbye" - Beres Hammond

"Beres Hammond is one of my favorite Jamaican artists of all time. Not only does he promote a positive message of creative longevity but he has consistently maintained extremely high-quality music throughout his career. 'No Goodbye' is an interesting song because it is somewhat of a contradiction melodically. Beres' lyrics discuss the narrator managing a difficult problem in a relationship which can sound melancholy. Yet in the same breath, the instrumental has an uptempo flair. I guess it could symbolize maintaining a positive attitude through tough times. I definitely would recommend this one, for sure."

4) "If You Don't Know Me by Now (feat. Teddy Pendergrass)" - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

"I rediscovered this record recently after years of not listening to it at all. It was literally the perfect autumn day and this song came on and set the mood to a tee. I grew up listening to songs like this with my family so it was a blast of nostalgia. The harmony in the chorus is some excellent vocal layering. Sonic bliss."

5) "Take On Me" - a-ha

"This has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a classic, no debate."

"Our Time Together" is available across streaming platforms. Follow Ziyaad Luceō: Website | Spotify | Instagram| YouTube



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