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5 Songs That Inspire Me w/ Asha Gold

Rising R&B artist Asha Gold has been finding her feet within the music scene over the past year, making her musical debut with her inaugural release - her debut single 'Too Good' - at the end of last year. Since then, she has delivered a series of high energy R&B and pop inspired tracks; most recently, her newest single 'Oscar'.

Featuring a stunning blend of warm vocals and addictive old-school R&B melodies, Asha's vocals glide atop the mesmerizing instrumental; bringing you into a captivating soundscape filled with sultry R&B tones, melodic pop beats and a passionate, emotive energy. With an intoxicating aura, 'Oscar' draws you in from the very first note.

And with her latest release, we found out which 5 songs have influenced her throughout her career.

Kanye West - Good Life:

This song always lifts my mood and came out of my favourite Kanye-era. Perfect for stepping out the house and strutting down the street. For all of his quirks, the way Kanye has continually re-invented himself with each album is truly inspiring. I think you have to keep evolving and breaking any ties to one genre or sound to have a career spanning so many years.

Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else’s Guy:

My mum’s favourite song - you can’t help but dance when it comes on. With my more upbeat tracks, I aim to have that undeniable groove that gets you pulling all sorts of faces and moves!

Lorde - Writer in the Dark:

I look to Lorde for writing and lyricism every time. There’s something so enchanting about the way she uses words and metaphor to create such vivid imagery - you can never predict what lyric or melody is coming next, something I try to emulate in my work.


He really does do everything… this song essentially lists every instrument he has mastered with an arrogance that only Masego can pull off. He is a true musician, and inspires me to make the most of my classical training in drums and piano. As I develop my sound and relationships with different producers, I want to experiment more and more with the skills I have.

Beyoncé - 1+1:

I had to include at least one Queen B track in my selections… I’m choosing this lesser known ballad because I’ll never forget seeing it performed live. No dancers, no choreography, no production, pure vocals and emotion. Unmatchable.

Listen to Asha's new single 'Oscar'' below.

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