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5 Things I Love About Brooklyn w/ Giggity

Based in Newyork, Brooklyn, The Giggity duo, are doing bits in the music scene and after the release of their latest track, 'Hard', we're super excited to see what they have coming up. With more music soon to follow, we caught up with Charlie Smith and John Pizza to find out the best things about their city. Tune in.

John Pizza

"Man, the shit I love about the city is the shit I hate about the city. It's the stereotypes about people in Brooklyn that make you shake your head until you realize that a lot of it is true, and moreover, you do it too, like every day.  We walk fast, we are extremely kind and extremely direct. We jaywalk like a motherfucker and that's a source of pride.  Traffic lights are an option and pedestrians straight up reckless around here.

Also, we don't sit down to drink coffee. An ice coffee year-round is a very practical and real accessory, but you better drink it on the go, on the subway, while you're grocery shopping, at work, around the clock…. But any excuse to have a cocktail, any hour, any day of the week. It's like, 'Ok, I'll have ONE DRINK..' ..and suddenly it's 3 AM and you are in Long Island City by the water buying everyone a round of negronis.  And you still get up and go to work the next morning."

"Don't get me wrong, I love the NYC food staples. New York Pizza is poppin, good chopped cheese is off the chain, and (this is a controversial viewpoint) NY bagels are just okay... But the best thing about food here is that you can literally get anything from anywhere around the world at any time.  Bomb taiwanese chicken for breakfast, biriyani from a food truck in the park for lunch, and the dankest Italian sub the size of a 3-year old toddler for dinner.  Next, I'm going to try this Bosnian spot called  Cevabdzinica Sarajevo. It's got sausages and stuffed cabbages and looks delish."

"And the people are beautiful. Everyone from everywhere, walking next to each other. Everyone is here to express themselves and no one's afraid to dress their dream. So many hot bodies of all shapes and sizes it's just too sexy. 

It's an inspiration to my eyes.  And ears. Brooklyn is a symphony of noises. And you better be open to surprises. 'Cause if you're uptight and can't laugh at what comes your way, well just stay inside...  

But that's what's great. Everyone here has seen it all and nothing weirds them out.  Everyone's an artist or has some passion of their own.  So you're safe here. You're not alone. Me and Charlie Smarts were making a video a few months back and taking turns running through the streets wearing a giant baby costume.  Nobody gave us shit. Like I said.  Just another day in BK."

Charlie Smarts: Sweets... Eye Candy.  I'm addicted.  Galleries, Fashion, Shoe Culture, Graffiti, People, Parks, The Buildings, I love the look of the city.  I'm pleased when I walk out the door.   Streets... Everything that I need/want isn't far away.  I walk to work. I bike to the homies crib.  It's a luxury that most people don't have in most places.  Everything is so convenient here.   I could walk to the Barclays and watch a game, or to the corner deli and get a chicken cutlet.   Eats... NYC is the most diverse eating place in the world.  Mainly Queens.  If a place is popular, there is a reason.  BECAUSE THE FOOD IS NOM NOM.   Beats... There are creatives all over the place in Brooklyn.   I like the vibes of the creatives we kick it with.  Collaboration gets me going.  That is basically how Giggity was formed.  Dusty Fingerz had a spot in Bushwick that we would just hang and make tunes.   Meets... Coming from NC, you hear that people are a certain way... which was not the case.  People are so kind and generous out here. Couple things tho...  Don't get in the way, Keep Up, Don't get lackadaisical and get got, Go with the Flow, City is Hard, Get YOUR HUSTLE ON.  

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