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5 Things I Love About Chino Hills w/ Vince Godson

Following the release of his track, 'Timeless', we caught up with Vince Godson who spoke about the five things he loves about where he's from, Chino Hills. For those who don't know, Vince Godson is a Los-Angeles resident, who's taking over the music scene. In a city of such saturation, Godson stands out. His hypnotic voice breaks through steady beats and eclectic melodies to bring listeners a sound they've never heard before making it known that he is one to watch. Find out what he loves about his city below:

What I love most about my city is how close we are. Especially more recently everyone’s so supportive of everyone and so willing to collaborate on things creatively and on the business side of things.

I also love how quiet the city is, being 25/30 min outside LA. Coming from where I’m from it was almost overwhelming in a good way when I learned how close everything was.

I also love that you can go to the mall, the beach, and the mountains all in the same day.

Another thing I really like too is how diverse the city is. It’s so eclectic in that regard. You have people from everywhere, all walks of life who come here and add to how well rounded this city is. Whether they came for new opportunities or if life just sort of brought them here. It’s amazing.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of the weather here!

Make sure to listen to Vince's latest release 'Timeless' below:


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