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5 Things I Love About Kazakhstan w/ L'Duo

Hailing from Kazakhstan, L’Duo’s musical journey has taken them across the world. Sharing their latest release “Out Of Time”, the track is a beautiful indication of their artistic talent, filled with lulling guitar melodies and glittering soundscapes.

With more music soon to follow, we caught up with the group to find out the best things about their city.

"Almaty has so much to offer, from a ski resort just 15 minutes away from the city to museums, theatres, exhibitions and unique natural landscapes. Sometimes it’s even hard to believe that there is so much diverse nature in one city!"

The mountains. You can see them from almost anywhere in the city and they look magnificent. 

The nature. Big Almaty Lake - its views are breathtaking. As well as “Medeu” ice rink located in the mountain valley - it’s the highest ice skating rink in the world!

The people. You are treated with kindness everywhere you go, people simply smiling at you on the street can make your day!

The food. We have over 140 nationalities living in Almaty, so we have a huge selection of authentic dishes from all over the world! Pretty much anyone can find something they’d like.

The architecture. Amongst the new, futuristic buildings, those old-style, historical houses are still there, creating an amazing, homely atmosphere.



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