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5 Things I Love About L.A. w/ Roki Taylor

Following the release of his track, '535 Manzy', we caught up with Roki Taylor and asked him the top 5 reasons to why he loved his hometown, L.A.

Creative people

I feel like this is a city where creative people gather. Everyone has got their own projects going on, their own dreams that they're chasing. It is very important for me to be surrounded by people who motivate and inspire me, and that's what L.A. has given me. 


L.A. is such a beautiful city and the temperatures are great! I grew up in Hawaii, where it was extremely humid, and then I lived in Arizona where it was a scorching hell during the summers. Here in L.A. I feel comfortable. 

Different cultures

L.A. is a big melting pot of different cultures. I think it's really awesome that the city is categorized into different cultural sectors like Korea town, Little Tokyo, and thai town. It is not like other places where it's heavily themed around one thing. I could go to Hollywood, Santa Monica, or downtown L.A. and they are all different, unique, and full of things to do.        


 Los Angeles is known for entertainment, and that's another huge reason I love where I live! I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Film and Media Studies, so I have a huge interest in film. I love movies, tv shows, and different aspects of entertainment that Los Angeles is all about.

The size of the city

I love that L.A. has a thing for everyone. There are mountains, there are beaches. There are endless amounts of things to do. L.A. is such a big city with limitless potential. I love this city because it reflects my who I am; my drive, my diversity, and my creativity. 

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