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5 Things I Love About Los Angeles w/ Elodie Rêverie

American singer-songwriter Elodie Rêverie is forging her own path with fierce independence. Displaying her silky-smooth vocals and exquisite songwriting ability on her latest single “Red Carpet”, the track's swooping rhythm and elegant sense of style makes it a perfectly measured piece of pearlescent pop perfection.

Basking in a soundscape of fame, glitz and glamour, the track is a shutter-snapping ode to dreams of stardom, masterfully plastered over the ebbs and flows of an enchanting piano rhythm.

With more music soon to follow, we caught up with Elodie to find out the best things about LA. Tune in.

In N Out Burger

Palm Trees

Creative people!

The landscape ranges from mountains to oceans to Griffith Observatory - it's amazing and it’s a city that feels big enough for my thoughts.

The multi-culturalism  

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