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5 Things I Love About Minneapolis w/ KnowledgeBoy

With his latest single 'Hottie Baby' doing the rounds right now, Chicago-born rapper KnowledgeBoy is proving to be one of the hottest names on the underground right now. With four studio album already under his belt, he is proving himself to an extremely prolific individual.

But while born in Chicago, he now resides in Minneapolis, a city that has a newfound love for. So we decided to find out exactly what it is he enjoys most about his new hometown.


I love how beautiful this city is, the architecture downtown Minneapolis is stunning.

The talent we have for recording artists in this city is major and definitely on the rise for global attention.

I love how communities come together in supporting each other and showing appreciation to everyone through difficult times. 

Even though the winter season can be brutal I love it when the fall season comes around. The view of all the leaves changing is inspiring, especially when the writing process begins. 

I love how you’re able to hustle hard and stay on your grind here in Minneapolis. The sky is the limit and building your lifestyle is simply based on the moves you make.

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