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5 Things That Inspire... Charlotte Clark

Having already donned the stage at Saturday Night Live and Jools Holland as part of Harry Styles' live band, emerging singer and songwriter Charlotte Clark recently broke out on her own with the release of her debut single 'Disarray'.

With its soft and aesthetic, matched perfectly with her own soaring vocal performance, her initial offering is already making huge waves for the artist, giving her an incredible start to a surely explosive career ahead.

So we thought we'd get up close and personal with her to find out more about what has inspired her over the last few years.


People doing their thing

It doesn’t matter what it is, unless you’re doing something to harm others - then it’s not inspiring at all. I love watching people in their zone. I have a friend who does computer programming and the other day I learned that he literally communicates to other people in other computer languages that just float around the cyberspace. Very cool. I think seeing people do the thing that inspires them takes you out of your own little bubble and gives you so much perspective.

Art archive instagram accounts.

Late nights for love, motelvibes, 70s daily to name a few. I follow so many of those accounts and a lot of the photos on there inspire my visuals.

Joan Didion

I recently got put on to Joan Didion’s writing recently and I’m so grateful for it. I’m so inspired by the honesty and rawness she writes in which she sees the world. Less about the moment and more about how that moment felt, the details of it, who was there, what the weather was like. Also she’s just so fucking cool.

My sisters

I have 3 beautiful, strong and empowered sisters who inspire me every day. They have all followed what lights them up and being around them inspires me to be fearless and reach for that thing that seems just out of reach.

Old toy keyboards

I’ve started getting into writing on cheap second hand keyboards with those little built in drum machines and the worst sounding cello or brass effect. There’s something about writing on them that totally changes my approach to songwriting and I love how every instrument has so many different songs in it waiting to be written.

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