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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ A.Chic

A.Chis is an artist you don't want to mess with, with flows and lyrics creating an atmosphere of empowerment and inspiring the younger generation to rise up and become the person you want to be.

She does this all whilst showing off her powerful vocals as a singer, but intense raps combined with addictive beats.

We caught up with her about the five things that inspire her and her music.

1) 3am: it’s that time in the night where you can’t run from yourself. Everything you think and feel floats to the surface and dances around you. It’s the mirror hour. Reflection hour. Good bad and ugly but it’s the real you. 

2) Driving: I don’t know what it is about driving but I come up with my best and most creative ideas while driving. I love road trips and night drives the most. Those are the times the road is clearest and you can coast, vibe and make room in your head for great ideas without interruption. 

3) Other people’s lives: I love reading about people and studying behaviors. There’s something magical about those occasions when you’re the only sober one in the room. You can see what everyone really feels but is too afraid to say. You won’t believe how many songs and poems I’ve written on the spot in those kind of environments all from channeling what I imagine the next person is probably going through. 

4) The Ocean side: I could sit next to the ocean all day. The smell, the sound, the view, the depth, the fluidity and healing properties....I admire all of it. I try to live my life sort of like that both as a person and artist. There’s a lot of power in being both mysterious and pleasing to the eye. 

5) Faith and Family : If it weren’t for those two things I really don’t know what or where I would’ve been. I’m really not shit without my family or my faith. Those are literally the only two things that keep me from telling everyone and everything to fuck off daily. I protect them both with everything in me. 

You can listen to the new E.P below.

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