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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Atlantis Aquarius

Atlantis Aquarius are a band who provide all the good vibes you need, but are also a band content with being themselves and spreading the love needed during the current climate.

The five-pieces southern rock music has become a staple in their home state, Dallas, and one they are known for. The guitar solo's provided in their latest track 'Moonlight Night' are addictive to any listener, which is why the collective are becoming a band you need to have on repeat.

We sat down with the bands lead-singer, JC, and asked about his five things that inspire him.

1) Culture - I love seeing culture created and passed down from generation to generation

2) Love - Love is all you need

3) Music - Music touches my soul and moves me in a way like nothing else on earth

4) Astrology- the idea of being connected to or influenced by something outside of earth is very inspiring for me.

5) Mushrooms

You can watch the new visuals below.


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