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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Conrad Ashton

Since the release of his highly-praised new EP 'No Post On Sundays' near the beginning of last months, things have really been moving for emerging singer and songwriter Conrad Ashton. With the likes of Clash Magazine, GigSoup, Music Crowns and many more shouting his praises, things are really beginning to shine for the frontman.

So with his new EP on the rise and more material expected very soon, we sat down with him to find out what has been the biggest inspirations in his career so far.


Positive feedback 

Nothing better than when someone likes what you have done when you have put in the hours and money in at the studio and someone appreciates what you've done. 

Negative feedback

Nothing you ever do can please everybody but its important to take different opinions on board and if the feedback is constructive use that in your work moving forward. 

Other peoples music

Whether they are a stadium act or low fi bedroom indie pop I take a listen to as much new music as I can and see what they are doing and how I can learn from them. If I listen to their songwriting and think they are better than me (like I have recently with Trunky Juno) that inspires me to kick on and be as good as them and be working at the same level! 

Music of the past

The music I have been brought up on will be with me always and to me is timeless for example The Who and Elvis I wouldn't be making the music I am today without hearing those sounds. Groups and artists like that will be with me always and inspire me as long as my music journey continues. 

The fans

Without the streams and page likes and people turning up at gigs (pre covid) it would be impossible to be doing what I am if no one streamed my new music or listened to me or took any sort of interest it wouldnt inspire me to keep investing time and money into what I love.


Conrad Ashton's new EP 'No Post On Sundays' is available to stream and download now. Listen to it in full below.

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