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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ DAVIDLY

Following the release of his track and video, "By Your Side (on facetime)", we caught up with DAVIDLY and asked him the five things that inspired him right now. Here's what he had to say below:

1. "mama's boy" - LANY

This whole album has inspired me a ton in a nostalgic way. Like the members of LANY, I grew up in a small rural(ish) town. The instrumentation and writing of the songs in this album connect me a lot with growing up in my teen years going through high school. Specifically the song "anything 4 u". There is something so unique and precious about our younger days and going back to our roots. I especially love the storytelling aspect of this album, which inspires me a ton with the songs I'm currently working on.

2. "Only Child" - Sasha Sloan

Another new album that is on repeat for me. Sasha's storytelling inspires me so much. Her music is extremely connected to who she is, and what she is going through. The vulnerability inspires me. Specifically in her song "Is It Just Me". This is something that I aspire to create in my own way... a way that's authentic and vulnerable.

3. "Flying" - Cody Fry

A slight genre change, but man the visualization this song brings to one's mind when listening to it is astounding. Cody is such an underrated creator and his unique writing abilities inspire me to create a sonic story within my songs. 

4. "Woman" - Harry Styles

Okay, Harry Styles. Harry's songs inspire my production and writing style so much, his "Harry Style" album reminds me so much of the core bands I love like Pink Floyd. The production, momentum, and uniqueness of this song in particular inspire me to create unique sonic experiences with my production and writing style.

5. "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" - Billie Eilish

Seriously her music and also importantly her visual storytelling through her music videos that she directs inspires the hell out of me. The sounds and atmospheric effects they use in her music is gold, and it pushes me to look beyond synths and keys to find hidden gems to use in my music. Let alone her use of space and time in her art helps articulate her story even more. 

Make sure to follow Davidly on Instagram and Facebook and listen to his watch his latest video for "By Your Side (on facetime)" below.


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