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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Emotional Xan

Following the success of his latest track, El Presidente, Emotional Xan, has been killing the music scene! Giving us Gucci Mane vibes, the rapper has had support from the likes of Clash, Music Crown, Link Up TV and many more! We caught up with the rapper and asked him what inspired him musically. Find out below:

1. Listening to music. Especially music completely opposite of the genre I make. I gain inspiration listening to rock, classical, alternative, & especially heavy. I grew up listening to mostly rock n roll as a kid, so the inspiration is definitely evident.

2. Watching movies. There are many movies I can say that inspired my music video ideas. films definitely play a major role in my life when It comes to the cinematography in my visuals and I've always been a big fan of directors like Oliver Stone & Quentin Tarantino to name a few.

3. Aesthetic & Fashion. When it comes to my music & image, my style is everything to me. I’ve always paid attention to high-end fashion since high school & it’s definitely something inspirational to me that I want to pass on to my fans through my look & overall fashion taste. I’ve always been a fan of A$AP & the whole hood punk look that they brought from New York. That combination of styles and genres is something I later adopted into my musical aesthetic.

4. Rebellion. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of revolting & going against the grain of what society believes. I want everyone not to be afraid of being themselves based on what anyone else thinks. It’s the those who go against an order that has inspired my entire passion for hip hop, rock, & music in general. Especially the artist that follow no boundaries and don’t put themselves in a box.

5. Family. My number one inspiration is my family. They came from nothing and worked hard to give me the life they could. It’s inspirational knowing the hardships my family faced to be where they are today. Everything I do is for my family & I owe them for the life & the will they gave me to always prosper past anything.

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