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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Harry Jay

With already tons of love pouring in for his latest single 'Pool Party', we thought that now would be a great time to sit down with Harry Jay to find out more behind the inspiration behind this fun and catchy new release. So we asked what five things most inspire the music he makes. This is what he had to say...



Fashion is a surprisingly useful tool to building confidence. Like everyone else, I do my best when I feel my best.  I pay attention to how I look and spend some time on my clothing choices, right down to the footwear.  There’s something about selecting a crisp pair of sneakers that makes me smile, gets me in an upbeat mood for the day, and inspires me to cook up a beat.

Staying fit

I have always been an active person, and staying in shape is really important to my psyche.  My fitness regimen includes a daily work out and making healthy food choices.  I cook my own meals and count all my macros.  The self-discipline it takes to do this translates well into my work life, and helps me take an initial beat or lyric and work with it until I have a complete song.


I love starting off my day (sometimes at 5:30 a.m.) with a round of golf when possible.  The combination of being in motion and being outside in a beautiful open space with plenty of fresh air and quiet is almost meditational.  It gives me time to think.  I’ve written some of my favorite lyrics after playing a round of golf.

David Ortiz

My hero since I was a kid, the story of how Big Papi rose to become one of the greatest major league hitters in baseball history after being cut and released from his first team always keeps me inspired.  The emotional toughness and drive it took for him to overcome being told he “wasn’t good enough” and then become an all-time great has been a massive influence on my work ethic and ambition.  Big Papi inspires me to keep going, even if things seem like they may not be always on track.

My Dog

My dog Stella is the ultimate pick-me-up.  Whenever I’m really stuck working on a track, practicing an instrument, or just having a bad day in general, a little playtime with Stella always lifts me up.  Stella always has my back, and being with her reminds me to keep focused on what’s important, and that means getting back to making my music.   She’s my best friend, even if she smells horrible.


Listen to Harry Jay's new single 'Pool Party' below.

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