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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Maripo$a

With a wave of bright and glossy pop tunes under her belt already this year, LA-based artist Maripo$a recently returned with the official video for her latest single 'Call Me Back'. With its nods to 80s nostalgia throughout, her latest offering is something we simply can't get enough of right now.

So with the new video available to stream now, we sat down with her to find out what five things inspire her and her music.



I experienced struggles growing up that were different from those around me. Although those things were encountered, the outcome from it was and could only be beautiful. Ironically through the tough times comes a lot of fuel, and It really fired me to create on another level that is my escape and happy place. I strive to make everything I do even better from the last thing. I use those emotions as a drive in my everyday life for creating something new and refreshing, completely opposite from what I’ve been through. Essentially it's all a part of your outlook on life, and the strength it gave and continues to give me is purely motivation for my art.


Clothes are everything to me, it's way more than just dress up. Apart from singing I’m also a stylist which keeps me inspired a lot. The style, the way you can put it together, accessorizing, the emotions a certain outfit makes you feel. I don’t know how i'm going to feel when waking up to get dressed, going to flea markets or thrift shops but that’s the best part, the anticipation and spontaneity of it all. There's a sense of inspiration that comes with it, I've always expressed myself with clothing. Whether it’s the colors I see, the details on it, or the boutique I pass by, something always sparks a feeling out of me.


As cliche as this is going to sound, I believe in the power love holds. Not just the romantic kind of love but the love that everyone craves daily, the love that’s essential to live. Loving what you do is a motivation in itself, but loving your family and friends is a treasure. Those experiences and feelings with them are unexplainable and having that connection is irreplaceable. The people I keep close to me, I cherish dearly. Those special connections help you feel and understand certain emotions within yourself too. They’re a part of my motivation, not only do I do what I love for me but I also do it for them. I want my loved ones to be proud and share that love with them. 


Leaving Florida to Los Angeles was an environment change for me. The city life was new yet such an inspiring atmosphere but it definitely was different than what I was used to. Growing up going outside always made me feel better. Making time to be outdoors is essential for me. Every once in a while I drive out the city to San Diego with my boyfriend and we sleep in the back of his van while we’re parked on a lookout. Something about waking up with the most beautiful view and being around things that are natural gives me the best air I’ve ever breathed. Just being in nature in general clears my mind, It resets my energy and helps me focus and align my senses in order to create more.


Being conscious about the energy you're putting out. When I go out everyday I am conscious about the little things I do. Picking up litter off the floor, holding the door open for someone, just making an effort to be putting a smile on a stranger's face. I believe that energy comes back the same way you release it. It’s easy to get lost in your own head and world and forget about the fact that other people may be feeling the same way. Sharing this energy with people puts things in perspective for me. You never know how much it’s going to mean to someone to be kind, and it certainly makes me feel better when I feel that with. I make sure to keep my karmic energy clear because it helps me stay level headed, creative, and happy.


Watch the new video for Maripo$a's 'Call Me Back' below.



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