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5 Things That Inspire Me W/ FXRROH

FXRROH is changing the game with her own unique twist on lo-fi electro-pop, her deep passion for creating a new sound is on full show in newest track 'In Bloom'.

Following its release we caught up with FXRROH and discussed the 5 things that inspire her the most...

My Experiences

The biggest inspiration in my life are my experiences. This is what I use to write my music. I didn’t have the best childhood growing up but damn does it make for some good songs.


Along with things I’ve been through, music itself has always gotten me through it. When I was younger, listening to music was my escape. It still is. Being able to put in some headphones and have your favorite song keep you company during a dark time is what keeps me going.

Watching Other Creatives

One big inspiration in my life is watching others in my studio do what they love. Watching them be creative with words, sounds and feelings is something that’s so raw. I feel like other people don’t really get to see my artist friends like I do.

The Small Pleasures In Life

The fourth thing is that inspires me is kind of a collection of small things. Catching the sunrise, full moons, street lights, the ocean. That nostalgic feeling you get when you listen to a song that reminds you of a better time.


My final inspiration is myself. I inspire myself every day. I started this whole thing from the ground. All the times people told me I couldn’t do it. It only made me need to prove it to myself more. It was only recently where I told myself I needed to buckle down and start working harder than ever before. I know one day it’ll pay off.

Listen to the new track from FXRROH 'In Bloom' here:


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