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5 Things That Inspire Us w/ Velvet Sunset

Having just delivered their latest new single 'Down The River', filled with gentle rock-based melodies; French indie-rock band Velvet Sunset are set to become an exciting new name within the music scene right now.

With captivating, melodic tones, and a unique sonic style; we wanted to get a glimpse into what has inspired the duo, and their latest musical ventures.


The Sea

Listening to the sound of the waves, watching the sea being wild. It reconnects to nature and is very calming.


All kinds of books from fantasy, polar, comics or even cooking books. There are always so many things to learn and discover.


Travelling is a big part of inspiration for us. Discovering new places, museums, people, languages and foods always is pure joy and brings creativity.

Outdoor music festivals

Well… who doesn’t like being outdoor and listening to good rock music, people being happy and dancing through the night ? Outdoor Festivals are of course one of our biggest inspirations.

New York

The city is just cool and open. You walk down the street and you feel like in a movie, this never ending hope and freedom in the air. There is always something new and something exciting!


Listen to Velvet Sunset's new single 'Down The River' below

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