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5 Things We Love About London w/ Laya Laya

Following on from their most recent single 'Tiger', we caught up with the Vocal Electronic Music duo from London, Laya Laya and asked what they love the most about living and working in London. Find out more below:

What did you both love about growing up in London?

The exposure to different people, so that diversity becomes normal at a young age. Early on because your neighbours, school friends, parents’ friends, whoever are all from all over the world you are less phased by the differences between people and instead come to embrace it. It widens your horizons. Also you can’t escape the fact that London has everything so growing up the city is your oyster - from carnival to clubs even the gayscene - you just went out everywhere and were never bored.

Has experience of growing up in London influenced your music, and if so, how?

I guess it makes us open to experiment musically as everything is on the table. The Indian movie songs we grew up listening to are so melodic and catchy. Old school UK garage and the incredible basslines, born out of US House and Black British culture, is definitely a love for both. Even South American friends dragging you to Salsa clubs all over London where you may not be able to find your groove to the off beat syncopation, but it was still so fun. Our latest track Tiger has an incredible verse by London ‘trime’ artist St3ph (trime is trap + grime). St3ph is so different to us musically but our collaboration just worked and it helps that we are mates.

What was your favourite thing to do in London pre COVID?

Eating out and making music. Often eating out whilst making music.

What is your favourite thing to do in London now?

Grab a coffee, walk around the empty city, notice the incredible buildings and take in the quieter pace of life, after a lifetime of hectic! I think as relative introverts lockdown has been ok for us.

What makes London the perfect place to make music?

I guess other musicians and how much is going on on your doorstep.

Make sure to check out their new single 'Tiger'!

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