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90Sitcom drops their new track "You Shhlimee"

US hip hop duo 90SitCom have returned with their newest single “You Shhlimee”.

With thunderous and sparkling synths reminiscent of the early works of OutKast, a key inspiration for the duo, and smooth lo-fi beats “You Shhlimee”, is an exciting blend of old hip hop sonic elements mixed in with the new.

“You Shhlimee’ is about being authentic while trying to thrive in this cruel world”.

Based in Arizona but hailing from both the east and west coast the duo, Angelo Matus and Vaughn Morris, have combined their sounds to create the entirely unique and idiosyncratic soundscape of 90Sitcom. Since their debut in 2016 they have released a steady stream of singles and garnered support from numerous figure heads within the scene.

With their latest single “You Shhlimee”, 90Sitcom have managed to showcase their talents wonderfully and further cement themselves as a duo set for greatness.


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