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  • Ellie McGuire

A Differently Distinctive Debut Album From That Old Quiet Lighthouse

The sound of That Old Quiet Lighthouse is both distinctively different and instantly recognizable. Their heartfelt debut album, Learning To Live With Less, is bursting at the seams with earworm choruses, expressive alt-indie-emo-folk passages, and quirky but upbeat vocals.

That Old Quiet Lighthouse established themselves as a competent and compelling four-piece over the course of the album's nine songs. The record is brought to life by the skilled and lyrical bass playing of lead singer and bassist Ashley, Phoenix's arresting violin and synthesizer contributions, Gabe's flawless percussion patterns, and James' colorful guitar tones.

The nine-track album serves as both a tribute to life and proof that healthy emo isn't merely a paradox. It deals with coming of age, learning to let go, and framing memories and loss in a more positive light. It was written in the wake of a breakup and at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a bold debut album by debut albums standards. This album is jam-packed with musical variety; there are many featured singers, violin, synth, cello, guitar, and bass solos, and chances are good that it will be there.

That Old Quiet Lighthouse commented on the album, “It’s a break-up album, fuelled by the isolation and despair the first lockdown caused. But its focus is more on framing memories in a positive light, and coming to terms with the emptiness moving on can have initially. Song meanings for me usually come after the song is written; I don’t usually have a conscious thing I wish to express, I just write what feels natural and its meaning becomes apparent after the fact. It’s an album of grief, but also an album of love and appreciation for life - bittersweet as it is.”

Learning to Live With Less, is an exceptional debut album from That Old Quiet Lighthouse and will most definitely capture the listeners attention from the very beginning.

Be sure to check out, Learning to Live With Less:


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