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A Former Friend unveil Double-EP vinyl release

Americana outfit A Former Friend has recently officially released their first two EPs. Receiving a streaming release during the pandemic, the band now marks a new beginning as they release the projects onto vinyl. Emerging in 2018, long-time performance partners Robert Tobias and Amanda Jane embarked on a new journey. With upcoming performances across the Northeastern US, A Former Friend expands its horizons and engages fans new and old with the 12-inch record.

A Former Friend’s music dives into the traditional songwriting that has stretched America’s history, infusing these arrangements with words on the modern issues that face society today. Their alternative country sound brings together classic sounds of Fender Telecaster, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3, mandolin and flute, helping to root their songs in the old-school sounds they pay homage to. Despite their nostalgic essence, there is a sense of edginess and innovation, taking what has come before and re-packaging it into something new.

On the EP, ‘This Television Will Not Be Revolutionized,’ Robert shares, "As we all hunkered down and watched the events of 2020 unfold on our television screens, it was striking how societal issues that have persisted over decades were reaching a fever pitch. While the effects of institutional racism and greed were coming to a head we bore witness to fake news and propaganda machines at full tilt. ‘This Television Will Not Be Revolutionized' was our attempt to reckon with that in real time. The first track ‘American Dream’ deals with the loss of the ideals we’ve been sold, ‘Kings for the Commonwealth’ confronts hubris across the political landscape, ‘Gallows’ is a nod to the toil and hardship of workers exploited by capitalism, and ‘No Holding Back’ speaks to a generation whose discourse is hampered by their technology."

Purchase the Double-EP here.



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