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  • Ellie McGuire

A-Legend delivers a hip-hop tremulous offering on ‘The World Is Yours’

Updated: May 11, 2023

A-Legend makes an important delivery on his latest single ‘The World Is Yours’. He portrays his daily mental processes and life experiences, he uses boom bap, trap, and a variety of flows along his melodic journey. All he wants is for his music to connect, resonate, and vibe with the listener.

In AOA Studios, he wrote ‘The World Is Yours.’ Slick Rick's song ‘Hey Young World’ served as his source of inspiration. He wanted to express his worries about how toxic the world is, how it needs more love, and how we are all just people trying to make sense of it all.

From the very first beat of the song, 'The World Is Yours' exudes an anthemic and melodious intensity that will draw attention to A-Legend. The tale is interesting, and the production has a catchy dance vibe with trumpets, samples, and a smooth hip-hop beat.

A-Legend comments on the track, “It means that we are all humans, we are not perfect, we all need love, even the ones who are misunderstood.”

Be sure to check out ‘The World Is Yours’:



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