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A Review of The New Hippies' Latest Single - 'Wishing Well'

The New Hippies' latest single, 'Wishing Well,' is a captivating and melodic composition that showcases the band's growth and artistic evolution.

With their unique blend of funk, soul, and alternative sounds, The New Hippies have once again defied expectations and carved their own path in the music scene.

Exuding a nostalgic and reflective mood, instilling a sense of gratitude in the listener. The New Hippies' distinct sound, rooted in alternative music, demonstrates their unparalleled creativity and musicality. The melodic aspects of 'Wishing Well' are particularly noteworthy, with a carefully crafted instrumental foundation that sets the tone for the entire track.

The band members' collaborative approach shines through in the composition of 'Wishing Well.' Starting with an instrumental foundation, the heartfelt lyrics and layered background vocals were added by Joe and Understanding. Attention was given to the live drum track, while Joe and Understanding collaborated on arrangement edits, enhancing the atmospheric quality of the song. The final mix and master brought all the elements together, preserving the essence of the base demo created by band member Zane, while adding Alex's unique flavor during live performances.

To complement the release of 'Wishing Well,' The New Hippies have created a visually captivating music video for social media, showcasing their infectious energy and distinct style. This single is the first of six planned releases by The New Hippies, building anticipation for their highly anticipated live show scheduled for December 2023. This landmark event will feature performances by all the acts signed to their Beautiful Idiots label, promising an unforgettable experience for fans.

The New Hippies' melodic prowess is evident in their skillful use of instruments such as synth, keyboard, MPC, drums, vocals, and guitar. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic landscapes shines through in 'Wishing Well' and is likely to captivate audiences from the moment it is released.

Beautiful Idiots, the label founded by Understanding and Joe, has curated a roster of artists that encompass a wide range of musical styles. The New Hippies, as one of the original acts, offer a platform for freestyle expression and collaborations. Roe's Garden, another act under Beautiful Idiots, showcases Understanding and Joe's indie/R&B project with the captivating vocals of Erica Spievack. The Corner Store embraces their hip-hop alter egos, while Theatre Kids draws inspiration from Understanding and Joe's background in musical theater. With their diverse acts, Understanding and Joe aim to showcase their boundless creativity and explore new avenues for musical expression, planning a showcase for December 2023.

Overall, The New Hippies' single 'Wishing Well' is a melodic masterpiece that highlights their growth as artists. The blend of funk, soul, and alternative sounds, coupled with their collaborative approach and attention to melodic detail, creates an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. With a series of planned releases and an exciting live show on the horizon, The New Hippies and their label Beautiful Idiots are set to make a lasting impression on the music scene.


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